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Dahlia Sources: Favorites for 2020

Read on for a list of our favorite dahlia sources and when their tuber sales will go live in 2020. You’ll also find unique and reliable varieties I’m lovin’ from these fine folks.

Dahlia Sources Valley Tawney
Valley Tawney

Favorite Dahlia Sources

When you dive into the world of dahlias, the first thing you’ll notice is there are SO many breathtaking varieties. It’s hard not to add them all to your cart! I have a tendency to go a little overboard on researching and gazing at the endless supply.

I put together a list of my favorite sources for unique varieties in smaller quantities. If you’re looking for the most economical choice, check out buying in quantity from a wholesaler like Gloeckners. But if you’re like me, and simply enjoy adding to your collection over time, there are some real goodies here.

dahlia sources bouquet

Favorite Dahlia Sources: Before You Buy

Most of these dahlia sources are flower farms. Growing and selling dahlias is a lot of work and timing is important. Be sure to read each farm’s information page or FAQ prior to ordering. Some need to know your Hardiness Zone or preferred shipping date.

Most have tiered shipping, meaning that the number of tubers you purchase will affect the shipping cost. I suggest knowing these upfront, so you get the biggest bang for your buck. For example, 6–10 tubers may cost more to ship than 1–5. If you’re at 6, you might as well add a few more coveted varieties, because you’re paying the same shipping either way.

Many of the varieties on this list are some of the most-treasured ones, so they sell out fast! Some within minutes, and that’s no joke! If you have your heart set on a particular variety, be ready when the sale starts and make sure you double check the timezone.

dahlias in the garden

Petal Back Farm’s Favorite Dahlia Sources for 2020

I’ve listed some of my favorite varieties for uniqueness and reliability. But each of these sources sells many more varieties than what’s here. Be sure to check them all out, and let me know if you think I’m missing a must grow.

Arrowhead Dahlias

Arrowhead Dahlias is a small family-owned farm in Colorado specializing in, you guessed it, dahlias. Their tubers will be available starting December 5, but there is not a time listed on their website yet. Be sure to check a few days before to see what time it starts, because they’ll go fast!

Some of my favs include Silver Years, Blyton Softer Gleam, Cornel, Cornel Bronze, Ivanetti, Jowey Winnie, Narrow’s Pam, Robinhood, Snoho Doris, Snoho Jojo, Brown Sugar, Camano Buz, French Doll, Ice Tea, Lights Out, Peaches n Cream, Rock Run Ashley, Rose Toscano, Wizard of Oz, Boom Boom Yellow, Bracken Rose, Castle Drive, Daisy Duke, Hamilton Lillian, Hillcrest Amour, Jomanda, Linda’s Baby, Miss Amara, Nicholas, Sheer Heaven, Sweet Nathalie, Valley Tawney, Bracken Palamino, Bracken Sarah, Honey Dew, Breakout.

Dahlias by Julie

Julie has an eye for dahlias and photography. All of the images on her site are taken from her garden in Washington State. I’ve worked directly with Julie on some questions, and she couldn’t have been nicer. Julie’s tubers will be available December 12 at 10AM PST.

Check these out: American Dawn, Appleblossom, Big Brother, Bloomquist Tory P, Blyton Softer Gleam, Bracken Rose, Bracken Sarah, Café Au Lait, Camano Buz, Camano Zoe, Cornel, Cornel Bronze, Crichton Honey, Crossfield Ebony, Darcy, Downham Royal, Ferncliff Copper, Hamilton Lillian, Hy Suntan, Ice Tea, Intrigue, Ivanetti, Jomanda, Jowey Mirella, Jowey Nicky, Jowey Winnie, Karma Choc, Kelgai Ann, Koko Puff, Labyrinth, l’Ancress, Lilac Time, Linda’s Baby, Maarn, Mi Wong, Mission Gypsy, Mister Frans

cafe au lait dahlia in the garden
Café Au Lait

Fivefork Farms

Fivefork Farms is a partnership of five siblings in Massachusetts. The date for their tuber sale and variety list is not available just yet. Last year, I ordered on January 4, so check back soon for updates.

Although their list for this year isn’t available yet, last year had awesome varieties like Suncrest, Sierra Glow, Hy Suntan, Rose Toscano, Robin Hood, Creamy, Daisy Duke, American Dawn, Labrynth, A La Mode

Goldenrod Gardens

Goldenrod Gardens is a flower farm in North Carolina owned by Lee Hemmings Carlton. Lee’s main focus is providing varieties focused on extraordinary color. The best part? Her tuber offerings are actually ordered BY COLOR. I love it!

Please don’t hate me as her tubers were available starting November 13, so many varieties are already sold out. But I just had to include her on this list. See if you can still snag some cool varieties that are still available like Verrone’s Obsidion. And check back next year!

Excuse the long list of favorites, ahem:

Platinum Blonde, Darcy, Big Brother, Hamari Gold, Suncrest, Honey Dew, French Doll, Sheer Heaven, Bracken Sarah, Apple Blossom, Penhill Watermelon, Blyton Softer Gleam, Maarn, Nicholas, Valley Rust Bucket, Babylon Bronze, Ferncliff Copper, Brown Sugar, Ice Tea, Hy Suntan, Rossendale Peach, Sierra Glow, Cornel Bronze, Sherwood’s Peach, Bracken Palamino, Crichton Honey, Jowey Ingrid, A La Mode, Peaches n Cream, Rose Toscano, Rock Run Ashley, Snojo Doris, Labyrinth, Intrigue, American Dawn, Jowey Winnie, Koko Puff, Castle Drive, Bracken Rose, Camano Zoe, Café Au Lait, Kelgai Ann, Small World, Sweet Natalie, Silver Years, Wizard of Oz, Verrone’s Obsidion

Labyrinth dahlia in the garden

Summer Dreams Farm

Michael Genovese started Summer Dreams Farm in 2015 in Michigan. His farm specializes in dahlias, and they grow over 210 varieties! Website says tubers will be available sometime in November, but no specifics yet, so be sure to check his site and social media often.

Look up these babies: American Dawn, Café Au Lait, Camano Buz, Cornel, Ferncliff Copper, Gerrie Hoek, Nicholas, Penhill Watermelon, Platinum Blonde, Rock Run Ashely, Rose Toscano, Silver Years, Snoho Sonia, Sweet Nathalie, Wyn’s New Pastel, Wizard of Oz, Yvonne.

Sunny Meadows Flower Farm

Sunny Meadows Flower Farm, owned by Gretel and Steve Adams, is an urban flower farm only 6 miles from downtown Columbus, Ohio. Their tubers will November 23, 9AM EST.

Let’s talk varieties: Café Au Lait, Cornel, Cornel Bronze, Crichton Honey, Hy Suntan, Ivanetti, Jomanda, Jowey Mirella, Maarn, Otto’s Thrill, Penhill Watermelon, Peaches n Cream, Rock Run Ashley, Rose Toscano, Shiloh Noelle, Snoho Jojo, Spartacus, Sweet Nathalie, Wizard of Oz

Creany Dahlia in the garden

Swan Island Dahlias

Swan Island Dahlias, located in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, has been in business for 93 years. As the largest and leading dahlia grower in the United States, they have MANY amazing varieties available. While I didn’t put together an exhaustive list for this grower, some notable hard-to-find varieties are Chewy, Cupcake, and Karmel Korn. Check them out and pro-tip: They usually have a Black Friday sale.

Triple Wren Farms

Triple Wren Farms is a first-generation family farm in Washington owned by Sarah and Steve Pabody. Their tubers will be available November 23, 10AM PST.

Check out A La Mode, American Dawn, Appleblossom, Breakout, Burlesca, Café Au Lait, Castle Drive, Cornel, Cornel Bronze, Crichton Honey, Ferncliff Copper, Franz Kafka, Hamari Gold, Hy Suntan, Jowey Nicky, Jowey Winnie, Karma Choc, Labyrinth, Lights Out, Linda’s Baby, l’Ancress, Nicholas, Penhill Watermelon, Rebecca Lynn, Rip City, Robinhood, Rose Toscano, Shiloh Noelle, Silver Years, Small World, Sweet Nathalie, Terracotta, Totally Tangerine, Valley Rustbucket, Valley Tawney, Wizard of Oz.

dahlia sources for great bouquets

Favorite Dahlia Sources: More Information

For another great list of dahlia sources, see this blog post from Floret. Also, check out their online store. Although they’re no longer selling tubers, you can still view their catalog. It’s a wealth of information and inspiration.

And if that’s not enough to get you started on growing the dahlias of your dreams, I have one last fabulous resource: DAHLIAaddict. Don’t be fooled by the website design, because this site is a wealth of amazing information. DAHLIAaddict is a database of dahlia varieties available for mail-order sale to the US and Canada. Take their warning to heart:

WARNING: Exposure to this site may result in extreme turfgrass loss in susceptible individuals.

Those with modest urban lots may wish to exercise caution. Additional side effects may include garden budget distension and high petal counts.

dahlia in the garden
Big Brother

Did you find this information helpful? If so, I’d love it if you shared it with your pals.

dahlia sources pinterest cafe au lait

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