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We're turning our tired, conventional crop field into a buzzing heirloom meadow of specialty cut flowers and pollinator prairie. We use gentle farming practices to bring you healthy, beautiful blooms.

We're Matt and Maggie, and we live for nature, wild adventures, and the simple things.
"Petal Back" is an ode to the flowers, of course, but also to our inclination to get back to the land with our "old-fashioned" hobbies (as our family and friends lovingly refer to them). Hobbies like gardening, herbalism, producing maple syrup, canning/preserving, raising chickens/honeybees, hunting, fishing, foraging. We're here not only to share *what* we grow, but also *how* we grow.

Hi, we're Petal Back Farm

Driftless Area, WI

I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet simple things
in life that are the real ones after all.

Laura Ingalls Wilder

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Good books, photography, happy hour, & tempting Matt with a good time. And nicknames: Marge, Margie Mayhem, Whiskey Girl, & Crumblelina. 

what I'm known for:

MEET Maggie

I'm obsessed with sparkling water and consider the fact that La Croix originated in my hometown to be a major personal achievement. I'm a huge book nerd. I'll read anything, really, but my favorite topic is growth. I dream of growing this place full with plants and adventures. I'm not a morning person, but I wake before the sun to move this quiet dream forward. As I watch her rise with a cup of coffee on our ol' front porch, I'm reminded that the simplest things are the happiest things, like when my hands are in the dirt with my partner in crime. 

Extroverted idealist,
the daydreamer behind the words & images here.

Hunting, producing maple syrup, taxidermy, vacuuming, a fridge full of cold beers, & a good time. And giving Marge-mellow nicknames.

what he's known for:

Where I lead with research, Matt leads with intuition. Where I use many words, he chooses a very-thoughtful few. And as luck would have it, he too finds purpose in the simple things, like sowing a seed or hiking in search for mushrooms. An outdoorsman, Matt also works as a hunting guide in the CO Mountains. You might think he's a quiet one at first, but if you want to see his wild side, just tempt him with a good time.

Introverted realist,
the guy behind making all of these wild ideas a reality.


Snuggles, shedding, fetch, and stealing mom's side of the bed.

what She's known for:

MEET Reese

Literally. She loves every living being (human, chicken, skunk) and only wants their love and undivided attention in return. Although we like to think she's the ultimate garden guard dog, chasing away critters, we're pretty sure she's actually trying to catch them to snuggle with her. And she'd give them free access to the entire vegetable patch if they'd only comply.

Extroverted optimist,
the gal who just wants everyone to be her best friend forever.

We offer flowers that capture a natural, gathered-from-the-garden style, so you can bring the charm of nature into your home or next event. 

We believe in gardens.

what makes us different

We concentrate our efforts on growing flowers that are not well suited for long-distance shipping or mass production, which means unique varieties for you. 

We believe in heirlooms.

what makes us different

Whether you're a florist, designer, or business owner, our farm can be part of the mission behind your business.

We believe in local.

what makes us different

"The only way for floral designers to get their hands on these treasures is to either grow their own or buy them from a local farm."
~Floret (one of our seed sources).

We believe in magic.

what makes us different

You belong among the wildflowers. You belong somewhere you feel free.

Tom Petty

Cooking, arranging, storing, & preserving


Running a farm biz in the digital world


Tips that have taken me years to learn on my own


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Behind the Scenes

You belong among the wildflowers. You belong somewhere you feel free.

Tom Petty

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I like the sweet, simple things. I like to watch the sunrise on my old front porch with a cup of coffee. I like good books on rainy afternoons. I like to grow things. And I like the way it feels to be surrounded by real friends and people I love.

Brooke Hampton


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Whether you're a florist looking to differentiate yourself, DIY bride wanting a bucket of beautiful blooms, business owner looking to add a little nature to your space, or a creative wanting to collaborate, reach out to us!

Looking for something specific? If possible, we'd love to custom grow something just for you! 

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Tim Greive

After we moved, my wife said your eggs were her favorite thing about La Crosse. Ha (and no offense to the other fine things and people in the Coulee region). 

kind words

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Whatever's in your cup, let's chat! Every week, I share what's growin' on at the farm with my pen pals. Sometimes it's hard and heavy, other times it's light and fun, but it's always from my heart. Usually a list of what we're planting and harvesting, behind-the-scenes photos, and lots of GIFS, because GIFs are my love language.

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I love to post the happenings around the farm on Instagram. Come hang out for growing tips, stories, & more fun.

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