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We're a Small Flower Farm,
Dahlia Tuber Supplier, & Educator. Oh, and happy-hour-loving Garden Addicts.

We're a Small Flower Farm,
Dahlia Tuber Supplier, & Educator.
Oh, and happy-hour-loving Garden Addicts.

hello from Wisconsin

Just a couple of dreamers, a mound of dirt, and a hobby that got outa hand!

-Maggie + Matt

Petal Back Farm

We grow 1,000s of rare and unique botanicals and we're here to share: Whether that's fresh-cut flowers, plants for your garden, or educational resources. To learn more about our story and be the first to know about new resources and product availability (like our tuber sale!), be sure to sign up for our newsletter.


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10 Favorite Things


"I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful tubers. I am new to dahlias this year, and I ordered from several farmers. Your tubers were far and away the best quality! They have been thriving, and I am so thankful to you for bringing beauty to my garden. I am a loyal customer from here on out!"

"If you are blessed enough to get ahold of a few of Petalback’s dahlia tubers, your flowers will be the talk of the town. I purchased 4 varieties last year, and these dahlias were the healthiest and most stunning in my garden. I will certainly be setting my alarm this year to get my order in."

"Maggie is a treasure. Reading her Flower Farmer's Year is like sitting with an old friend and talking about a shared passion....that kind of friend who is doing amazing things and is strongly encouraging and cheering you on to do amazing things too. The information she shares is thorough, up-to-date, honest and easy to understand. I'm thankful to have come across this gem of the flower world. Finally, I appreciate her swift responses to particular questions thrown her way. Feels like a lifeline as most of us are doing this on our own. Looking forward to learning more as the year progresses." 

Jessica Slapnicka

"Petal Back Farm is a literal dream. From the folks who run it, to the presets, to the happy hour, and my all time personal favorite, the dahlia tubers. They are all around wonderful! I always look forward to seeing the beauty, comedy, truth and realness that comes from them. Plus who doesn’t love a damn happy hour?! Maggie’s newsletters are the highlights of my week! If you want to feel like your 5th grade self with the best penpal in the history of penpals then get on that newsletter list and pour yourself a drink. Thank you guys for all the love and soul you put into your farm. From one aspiring flower farmer, y’all are goals. 🫶🏼"

Bonnie Schubert

"One of my favorite parts of the growing season is that I know Petal Back is back at it again. For two seasons now I have ordered floral creations and eggs from Maggie. Her arrangements last longer than the expensive arrangements I get from local florists. I look forward to delivery days knowing the gifts of her harvest are through an act of passion and love."

Paula Tomaszewski @CountryRoadsFlowerFarm

"When I open my email and see a message from Petal Back Flowers in my inbox, I know it's going to be a good day. The newsletter is always's like Maggie is my head, writing my thoughts..... to me.... She keeps it real, funny and informative.....oh and her photos are gorg. Which is why I just ordered the Presets from her..... Just follow her.. order from her.... sign up for the newsletter- you won't be disappointed.... Now, how can I get some of her dahlia tubers to Canada?!?"

we're working on it :)

"Petal Back Farm is such a bright little sparkle of light in a not-always-so-light world. Whether it’s learning and loving her newsletter posts or enjoying the cheer she spreads through social media. . . I am so happy to just follow along and cheer her along from afar! Keep growing and keep going please!"

Hannah Kroll 
Northwood homestead

"Your presets are absolutely stunning and VERY user friendly for someone who does not have time to learn any more things. My photos all look more professional, streamlined, and just plain gorgeous. Also I love your newsletter. I think we would be friends in real life. 😁"

me too!

"Petal Back Farm was introduced to me by my SIL and has been such a beautiful addition to my social feed and farm. The tubers we added from you last season arrived perfectly and grew so prolifically. We are so excited to add your Ranunculus to our farm this season as well. Thank you for sharing your creativity and unfiltered self with the world. 🩷🩷"

Viktoria Bondaruk @byviktoria

"I don’t know you personally but I have always loved following along on your instagram (suchhh beautiful photos!!!!) but recently had the immense joy of snagging some of your dahlia tubers (last year) and loved how beautiful it was packaged and how attentive you were to my questions online (and on DM’s ) :) you have so much going on but you took the time to answer my concerns about the tubers and also answer silly photo questions like “which dahlia is this?” 😅😆 You’re inspiring and amazing. Love following you and hope you keep doing what you’re doing. (Also, the dahlias grew amazingly, not surprisingly)"

"I first found out about Maggie @ Petal Back Farms in 2020 when we both were taking the Floret online classes together that year. When I saw her amazing photography on her Instagram profile, I was blown away! Then when she came out whith her own presets I was SUPER excited and bought them right away! I litterally use Maggie's presets for about 98% of all our photography and it has made an enormous difference in the quality of our photos and has boosted our following and sales as well! Totally worth every penny and more! Blessings Paula 💞"

Heather Rose

"Maggie is the best when it comes to bouquets of flowers. They always look stunning and last for weeks! She has the best emails and always brings a smaller and laugh when I read them. Cannot say enough about Petal Back Farms and Maggie!"

Jennifer Lopez

 "I recently found Petal Back Farm on Instagram, I LOVE the posts, they are zen inducing. The website to the farm was listed in the bio and so I subscribed to the newsletter. That is when “Wow Factor” happened. Maggie, the owner, emailed me personally to say “Welcome!”. I sent her an email to let her know how much that meant to me, a new grower, trying to learn from someone who is doing it successfully. Again, she sent a personal reply back! Who does this?! She is a wonder and someone who is genuinely interested in helping others succeed! I joined her paid community to learn more and have not been disappointed! The farm newsletters are hilarious too! Well done Petal Back Farm, so excited to be along for the ride!"


"I love your newsletters, the way they are written, the content and especially the pictures. I have purchased your presets which I am in love with and I am a FFY member. Everything you share is inspirational. Thank you." 

Margaret Anderson @willowhill_florals

I just want to start crack me up. I love your emails and they are unlike most flower people I subscribe to. I snort and laugh out loud when reading your stories and the way you put things into words is just not very bland. So, way to go! Oh, another thing. Your Instagram page is also my favorite flower farmer page. Seriously, the prettiest photos EVER. Thanks for brightening up my feed. I bought some dahlia tubers from you last year and added them to my already expensive pile that were all waiting to go into the soil. The one looked a bit iffy and I emailed you about it. To my surprise you sent me another one and for free, no questions, no nothing. It warmed my heart and made me say, this is great customer service! So thanks again. And keep on with the great content!

we always try to make it right!

MOLLEE Alexander

"Petal Back Farm: simultaneous emanations of structure and elegance, extraction and grace, power and finesse. A place where nature and nurture come together and magic is created."

Maggie and Petal Back Farm are one of my favorite connections I’ve ever made in the flower farming community. Not only does she grow insanely beautiful flowers, she is a wealth of generous information and a ray of sunshine and comedy. Her tubers are top notch and I adore shopping with her every chance I get. I’d follow her for her photography alone but she makes it a no brainer on so many levels. Thanks for being an awesome flower gal, Maggie. 

Amy Delaney

"Website is lovely, selection is wonderful, and thankful for all your hard work to share the endless beauty and intrigue of dahlias with us."

JulianNa Traxler

For the past few seasons, I have made the mistake of buying peony roots from Walmart--only to open the bag and the root is completely dead. This year I chose to buy a peony root from Petal Back Farm, and WOW, the root that arrived promptly was beautiful! It had 3 healthy eyes that were ready to be planted. I will definitely be purchasing from them again in the future! 

Samantha Wojnowiak

"The Petal Back Farm presets are amazing!! I use them for more than just flower photos - they’re perfect for family photos, lifestyle photos, and everything in between! Highly highly recommend!"

Nichole Smith

"I have ordered tubers from you and they were some of the best tubers I got last year! No kidding I was very impressed with quality and how they did through the season."

ellen Utley

Hi! I recently purchased ranunculus corms and can’t wait to put them in the ground! Shipping was super fast and the packaging is super cute to boot! We recently moved to Illinois from La Crosse so it feels special to have something in my garden from the area! Looking forward to the dahlia tuber sale!! Thanks Maggie and Matt

Leora Tanzer

I love receiving petal back farms newsletters, always makes me smile and feels like I’m reading a message from a friend! I recently ordered a peony root and it came nicely packaged with tons of eyes. It’s already sprouting leaves, only 2ish months after planting! So exciting!!

Jenny Rose

"Maggie's flowers are the ABSOLUTE BEST. They are the little ray of sunshine that I need to see on a daily basis."

Sue Rosenfield rosenfield flowers

"I’ve never met her but she is authentic to the core, I love her design, and the fact that she can navigate social media much better than me, and has the balls to write what she thinks and feels. Petal back Farms ROCKS! Oh, and their dahlia tubers are great too!"

"Fun-loving, relatable, and creative owner
Excellent photography inspo and presets for purchase
Great selection of tubers and bulbs for sale seasonally
Legit quality and humorous newsletters with grade-A GIFs"

Grace Holdridge

"I purchased bulbs and tubers from Petal Back Farms and am anxiously awaiting seeing beautiful blooms in the future. Maggie is a wealth of knowledge and responded to my inquire when a second shipment attired after my ground had frozen! Here's to potted peonies!!"

Laura Mitchell

"The bouquets from Petal Back Farm fill my home with such beauty! The floral designs are unique, with great floral variety and color schemes. These flowers bring me such joy and I look forward to them each week during the growing season!"

Sarah Torkelson

"I’ve purchased some very happy dahlia tubers from Petal Back Farm!!!"

"Well, first of all, you are funny and that is HUGE in my world. Your photography is incredible and I took advantage of your offer for help with taking photos like you do!!!! And I ask for the Lisianthus guide and it has been a wonderful help. Those little buggers are trying my patience🤣🤣. I know good things come to those who wait but patience is something I struggle with.  You are always helpful. Always funny and kind. Thank you for LOVING FLOWERS✨✨✨

your kind words mean the world to us

I like my drinks strong and my gardens wild.

Cheers! -Maggie

Before you scroll any further, hello! I'm a small farmer who loves growing things and helping others grow too. If you see it here, I designed it, photographed it, wrote it, and grew it (farming alongside my partner in crime, Matt). I say that so you know this is not a big operation: Everything we do here comes with much love and a personal touch. I also say this to my fellow small business owners: there's nothing special about me – if I can do it, you can do it too.

Whether you need fresh flowers, tubers, or want to learn behind the scenes with me, I want you to know I'm here to grow with you :)

let me introduce myself

p.s. You can learn more about our story here.

I'm Maggie


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This course is designed to help you grow your business by telling your story. Learn how to capture captivating images, design a website that converts, and create a content strategy that takes the cringe out of newsletters and social media. 

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We grow over 300 dahlia cultivars (thousands of plants), some of the rarest in the country! Every spring, we share some of our collection in our dahlia tuber sale. We also do big giveaways with some of our most-treasured varieties. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified of both! Sale March 16 at 10:00AM CT.


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You belong among the wildflowers. You belong somewhere you feel free.




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Want to go behind the scenes with me and see *exactly* how I plan and grow botanicals in order to create bouquets and arrangements all season long? FFY includes in-depth plant profiles, monthly tasks, and exclusive articles that dive deep on all the latest research and trends in the flower farming world.



I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet simple things that are the real ones after all.

Laura Ingalls Wilder



We're turning old, conventional crop fields into buzzing heirloom meadows of specialty-cut flowers, botanicals, and healing herbs. Currently, we grow at 2 locations: our home farm and Airbnb. We've also planted 800 Christmas trees because I want my life to be a Hallmark movie meets Yellowstone. Learn more about who "we" are here.



Whatever's in your cup, let's chat! Each week or two, I sit down with a beverage (usually coffee, but sometimes whiskey) and write a letter to my penpals about what's growin' on at the farm. Sometimes it's hard and heavy, other times it's light and fun, but it's always from my heart. Exclusive deals, new offerings, behind-the-scenes photos, and lots of GIFS, because GIFs are my love language.

happy hour with a flower friend?




We're Matt and Maggie, and working in nature is in our blood. "Petal Back" is an ode to the flowers, of course, but also to our inclination to get back to the land with our "old-fashioned" hobbies (in fact, my sister came up with our farm name because of this––thanks, Molly!). Hobbies like gardening, herbalism, producing maple syrup, raising chickens and honeybees, hunting, and foraging. We also love a good ol' fashioned happy hour and often combine all of these seemingly simple things into one wild time! We hope you'll take a step back with us, just for a moment, to savor the simple things too.

P.S., Matt also teaches & guides hunting experiences on our properties. Learn more at Driftless Pursuit.


I love to post the happenings around the farm on Instagram. Come hang out for growing tips, stories, & more fun.

let's hang out!

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