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A collection of Lightroom presets customized to enhance a romantic, countryside vibe, like walking freely through a field of wildflowers.

Presets & Workbook



looking for a consistent look and feel to your images?

Compelling images capture our attention. They have the ability to evoke powerful emotions in our viewers. Creating consistent imagery helps us tell a cohesive story.

The easiest (and most efficient) way to do this is by utilizing presets. In this collection, you'll get 13 presets that are customized to enhance a romantic, country-rustic vibe to your images, while preserving the natural vibrance of nature.

PBF Presets

want to improve your images and editing workflow?

Presets are often advertised as one-click solutions, but that's not how I view them. In fact, there are a handful of edits that should never be included in a preset! 

Presets are just one tool in the editing toolbox, which is why I wrote this 48-page workbook to go with them (don't worry, it's image heavy).

Topics Include:
• Why photographers use presets
   (and why you should too)
• Shooting tips (get it right in camera first)
• A look at each preset in this collection
• Detailed installation instructions
• Additional edits you should be making
• BTS of my editing process start to finish


then these presets are for you

Lightroom presets are my preferred tool for creating cohesive images quickly and efficiently. These presets are a culmination of years of editing and tweaking in Lightroom. I use them in my personal workflow, both for our farm's website and social media, as well as my professional client photography work.

I never intended on making them available, but after many requests from people who inspire me, I decided to share them. I left them exactly as is, even their names. I did not tweak them to make them more marketable, nor did I add extra presets for a perceived increase in value. These are just exactly what I use every day for my photography work, no fluff.

Presets are often advertised as "one-click" solutions, but that's not how I view them. They are one tool in the editing toolbox. Though a powerful one, there are other edits that should be made both before and after applying a preset. For this reason, I decided to write  a companion workbook on how I utilize them in hopes it helps you use them to their fullest potential for your workflow.

PBF Preset Collection & Workbook

13 Presets



what you'll get

want a behind-the-scenes look?

In Chapter 5, I'll walk you through my editing process for this image. Because I believe there are edits that should be made both before and after applying a preset, I wanted to show you exactly how I use these presets in my personal workflow. We'll walk through each step from as shot in camera to the final, edited version. 

Also Included

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PBF Preset Collection

presets in action

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These presets are intended for Adobe Cloud Photography subscribers, but they are also compatible with Lightroom's Free Mobile App, and there are detailed instructions for downloading to the app in the workbook.

As of Lightroom Classic CC version 7.3, all presets are saved as .xmp files and are no longer saved as .ltrtemplate files within the Lightroom application. If you have have a version of Lightroom that’s 7.2 or older, you will need to download a newer version. 

Because these are digital files, we cannot accept returns, but we are here to help troubleshoot issues or answer any and all questions you may have. I genuinely hope you love them, so if you have an issue, just reach out! 


with love,
from the garden

cheers, Maggie


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