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grown by flower lovers for lover lovers

Hand-grown botanicals and farm-fresh eggs from our farm to your home. Grown by nature lovers for nature lovers.

Pick-up locations on Fridays in Holmen, Lacrosse, Mindoro, Onalaska, & West Salem with some delivery options.



Please Note:
June 14: There will be deliveries available, but no pick ups. 
June 21: There will be no pickups or deliveries as we are traveling for an event. 
Be back the following week!

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A Note on Style

When you get flowers from us, I want you to feel they're lush and beautiful, of course. But more so, I actually hope they feel a bit whimsical and wild, like the imperfect garden they come from. Because just like the garden, my favorite humans have these qualities too. 

I want you to know these flowers are not mass produced. Instead, they are hand grown, hand picked, and hand selected. We grow thousands of botanicals because, well, I can't not. I love to get to know them, and I want you to know them too. I want you to get acquainted with their seasons and share the anticipation of their return each year. Like an old friend you haven't seen in a while, but always pick back up right where you left off. 

I want your flowers to feel familiar, but also like there's more to know. The unknown has always inspired me, which is why I love to incorporate details from nature that capture a bit of her mystery. I hope each arrangement contains an element of wonder for you. Respite from the norm. A moment to be curious. Because curiosity is what keeps me coming back for more too. 

Most of all, I want you to know your flowers are a gift from nature and an opportunity to know her better.


With lover, from the garden

xo, Maggie


I love to post the happenings around the farm on Instagram. Come hang out for growing tips, stories, & more fun.

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