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Let's co-create with nature! We believe that planting more goodness back into the world is a small act that can have a big impact. It connects us to the earth and one another. And hey, the blooms aren't too shabby either!

Get your hands in the dirt, bury these little weirdos, and a few months later you get beautiful blooms. Share them with others, photograph 'em for the gram, or just stare at them and whisper, "my preciousssss." Up to you.

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Each week or two, I sit down with a beverage and write a love letter to my pen pals about what's growin' on at the farm. Sometimes it's hard and heavy, other times it's light and fun, but it's always from my heart. Usually a list of what we're planting and harvesting, exclusive deals and discounts, behind-the-scenes photos, and lots of GIFS, because GIFs are my love language.

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I love to post the happenings around the farm on Instagram. Come hang out for growing tips, stories, & more fun.

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